Opus Audio Codec 1.5.2-11

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With its versatility, Opus delivers crystal-clear sound, making it a preferred choice for voice calls, gaming, and music streaming.

This compression allows you to enjoy crystal-clear audio without using up too much data or space on your devices.

One of the remarkable things about Opus is its adaptability. It can adjust its performance based on your internet connection, ensuring you get the best possible audio quality, no matter how fast or slow your internet is. So, even in areas with weaker connections, you can still have a smooth and clear audio experience.

Whether you're making a voice call with friends or family, playing online games with your buddies, or streaming your favorite music, Opus ensures that you get the most out of your audio.

Opus can handle a wide range of audio types, from speech to music, providing excellent quality across the board.

It has gained popularity and support across many applications and devices.

Major web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Edge natively support Opus, making it easier for developers to incorporate this technology into web-based audio applications. As a result, you can enjoy its benefits seamlessly without needing any additional downloads or installations.

As technology continues to advance, Opus will likely keep evolving, further enhancing your audio experience. With its ability to provide high-quality audio, adapt to varying internet conditions, and support from popular platforms, Opus is undoubtedly here to stay, making your digital audio experience more enjoyable than ever before.

The software tools you will need in order to work with this format are:

- the Opus decoder (opusdec.exe),
- the Opus encoder (opusenc.exe) - both packed into Opus tools zip file
- and the foobar2000 player, in order to play .Opus files.

You can also download the DLLs: libogg.dll & libopus.dll, both packed into Opusfile archive.

How to add opus file support to other media players?

If you want to add support for opus files to other media player, we recommend to install DC-Bass Source Mod.

Which audio converters are recommended for converting between different formats and opus?

To convert other audio files (.mp3, .flac, .aac, etc) into opus files and vice versa, use one of these audio converters: TAudioConverter, LameXP or Opus GUI.

Opus Audio Codec is absolutely necessary for those users handling Opus audio files and you will be more than satisfied with installing this small, yet powerful application on your computer.

You can download it for free and enjoy the wide range of audio applications made possible by the Opus file format

Changes to Opus 1.5.2:

- Opus 1.5.2 fixes several build issues that were discovered since the 1.5 release. It also fixes a misalignment issue in the AVX2 code that could cause crashes under Windows.

Full list of changes.
Reviews & Comments
Opus Audio Codec 1.3.1-158
on 26 December 2022
The opus codec is the best, that is, it is good for everything!
Thanks for developing it!
Opus Audio Codec 1.3.1-103
Internet Worm
on 16 April 2022
1.3.1-103 compile may give unpredicted results encoding from FLAC. Roll back to 1.3.1-93 version now!
Opus Audio Codec 1.3.1-93
on 01 June 2021
I would like to thank NetRanger for compiling this package. 👍