NHW Image Codec 0.3.0 rc13

The NHW Codec is a new player in image compression technology. It's designed to compress 24-bit color images with a resolution of 512x512 using advanced techniques like wavelet transform.

What makes NHW IMage Codec different is its focus on keeping images clean and sharp, promising better quality compared to other codecs like x265 (HEVC) and Google WebP.

This means your images will maintain their clarity even after compression.

Additionally, NHW Codec is fast, which makes it great for various applications, including mobile and embedded devices.

Its speed ensures quick processing without sacrificing image quality, perfect for today's digital needs.

Try out NHW IMage Codec now and see the difference in image quality and compression efficiency for yourself.

See also HALIC, short for High Availability Lossless Image Codec, a new-age tool for making image files smaller without messing up their quality.
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