Nero MPEG-4 filter 0.0.3

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Nero MPEG-4 filter is a tool for AAC encoding and decoding in CoolEdit and Adobe Audition using the Nero AAC plugin.
This plugin is completely free, it has a very small size and it works in Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows Me and Windows NT.
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Nero MPEG-4 filter 0.0.3
on 03 July 2015


Reserving judgement at this instructions...assuming the files go in the filters folder of Audition 3. Mine version of Audition is running x86.

MP4 still not supported for video multitrack sessions. Is there another place I should put the Nero files? Thanks
Nero MPEG-4 filter 0.0.3
on 06 October 2008


This is for adobe audition/cool edit pro, paste in c:/program files/adobe/audition and you will be able to open mp4 files in adobe audition/cool edit pro.
Nero MPEG-4 filter 0.0.3
on 20 September 2008


no install instructions. Tried each Nero directory including the ones in Common files. Not recognied or installed.
Thanks for the effort but unable to use. I have Nero