Flickz helps you organize your DVD collection efficiently. Compared to similar applications, Flickz focuses on speed, small size and linking to other data sources.
Important: Flickz's development has been discontinued.

The developers of Flickz created this application having in mind a simple and straightforward vision; you will not be able to record very detailed information with Flickz, but rather the most important items from the large amount of information available.

This makes Flickz the perfect choice for inexperienced users, who don’t need to get confused with lots of DVD-related data they don’t need or understand.

Whenever you want to locate some specific information, you can use the application’s Display Filter.

The program also generates condensed cross-referencing web pages. Besides having its interface based on a personalized website approach, Flickz is also linked to IMDB from where you can find out additional information about your favorite movies.

Another option available with Flickz is creating corresponding web pages that are optimized for viewing on a PDA device. DVD details can be exported as text and you also benefit from backup and restoring features that ensure the safety of your data.

Whenever you enter a new title, movie information such as thumbnail, year, and plot summary is immediately imported from IMDB, on condition that your computer is connected to the Internet. Furthermore, you can filter your titles using various criteria, such as actors, year, genre, and others.

In terms of requirements, your computer monitor should have a screen resolution of at least 800 x 600 pixels, because the minimum dimensions that Flickz can be resized to are 760 x 550.

Flickz automatically imports movie information without you needing to access the web and it helps you organize your DVD library and easily search for titles.
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