BDtoAVCHD 3.1.4

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BDtoAVCHD allows you to create AVCHD discs from Blu-Ray or MKV files. The software compresses the video to fit onto a DVD5 (4.7 GB) or DVD9 (8.5 GB) disc, while maintaining the highest possible video quality.

The output of the software is a folder structure that can be burned to a DVD disc.

The AVCHD format allows you to play high definition (1080p) video content on a DVD5 or DVD9 disc, making it a convenient way to store and play back Blu-Ray content.

BDtoAVCHD is designed to be simple and easy to use, with a focus on creating high quality AVCHD discs from Blu-Ray or MKV files.

It does not require the installation of any additional codecs, such as avisynth or ffdshow, which can make the process more complex. The discs created with BDtoAVCHD are generally compatible with most Blu-Ray players and PS3 systems.

In addition to converting Blu-Ray and MKV files to AVCHD, BDtoAVCHD also has the ability to convert Blu-Ray 3D to AVCHD/MKV 3D with side-by-side (SBS) or top-and-bottom (TAB) formatting, and it can encode MKV files using the x265/HEVC codec.

This gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of the input and output formats supported by the software.

Some of the key features of BDtoAVCHD include:

- The ability to find the main .m2ts file for the movie by selecting the BDMV folder or Blu-Ray root.
- Extracting information from the audio tracks, video, and subtitles, including length, language, and format.
- Extracting chapter information or adding it manually.
- Selecting the default audio track based on language preferences or manually setting it.
- Calculating the video bitrate to fill the DVD5 or DVD9 disc to capacity (usually between 99-100%).
- Converting audio as needed (e.g. PCM to AC3, DTS-HD MA to DTS Core, etc.).
- Detecting delays in the original audio tracks and transferring them to the final output.
- Recompressing the video using x264 64-bit if the computer supports it.
- Not requiring the use of external codecs such as avisynth or ffdshow.
- The option to select a forced subtitle track that is active by default when playing the disc.
- The ability to program multiple conversions in a queue and execute them automatically one after another.
- Multitasking support, allowing you to add new jobs to the queue while others are being processed.
- Support for various output sizes including DVD5, DVD9, USB 4GB, BD-25, and custom sizes.
- The ability to create a BD-25 without recompressing the video (BDRemux).
- MKV output support, allowing you to convert Blu-Ray to MKV with or without video recoding (BDremux).
- 3D support, including the ability to create AVCHD 3D or MKV 3D SBS/TAB from Blu-Ray 3D.
- MVC encoding support, allowing you to shrink 3D Blu-Ray to BD25/BD9 while maintaining the 3D MVC format (using the Intel Quick Sync encoder).
- The ability to encode MKV files using the x265/HEVC codec.

All things considered, BDtoAVCHD is a tool worth trying; it allows you to convert BD movies easily, without needing to use complex options. This converter is being constantly updated and it's available for free.

Changes to BDtoAVCHD 3.1:

- New: On systems with hybrid processors (P-cores + E-cores) running on Windows 11 22H2, the video encoding process is now configured correctly to avoid using only E-cores when the app is minimized.
- Updated: x264 encoder to version 164.3191 (r3191).
- Updated: x265 encoder to version 3.6+1.
- Updated: Mkvmerge to version 72.0.
- Updated: IMDb scraper (again).

- You must have Java installed (no included) as used by the BDSup2Sub program included in the installation.
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BDtoAVCHD 2.3.2
on 09 February 2015
A very good application!
But requires Java (for BDSup2Sub) :(