How to play AMR files?

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First of all, get the QuickTime Player; yep nobody loves it, but we can't play the files without their wonderful codecs. Then, in order to:

Play the AMR files using Winamp:

Download and install MediaLooks QuickTime DirectShow Source Filter.

It is a DirectShow filter, so, after installation, run Winamp > Options > Preferences > Plugins > Input > Nullsoft DirectShow Decoder.

Click on Configure button and add ;AMR to the extension list.

Play the AMR files using Winamp

Play the files using Windows Media Player:

Downloa and install River Past QuickTime DirectShow Filter for WMP.


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on 27 Jan 2018, written by: Nik # 2

Diaeus made an .amr-plugin for Winamp - put it in Winamps Plugin-folder, and heypresto:

on 02 Aug 2014, written by: Diversus # 1

Very good advice, it resolved my problems with winamp instead of horrid quick time player! Now I can enjoy my list :-)!

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