Web Media Extensions 1.1.1295

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By installing this Media Extension package, you will be able to natively play content delivered in the OGG container or encoded using the Vorbis or Theora codecs.

Furthermore, it expands the functionality of WebM VP9, enabling compatibility with Theora in basic video elements. Leveraging the robust implementations of the renowned FFmpeg codecs, facilitated through the FFmpeg Interop library, emphasizes the commitment to providing comprehensive format support.

The Web Media Extensions package extends Microsoft Edge and Windows 11 to support open source formats commonly encountered on the web.

Once installed, this extension is automatically used by both web sites and apps with no user action required.

Included Technologies:

- OGG Container Parser
- Vorbis Decoder
- Theora Decoder
Reviews & Comments
Web Media Extensions 1.0.33271
on 22 December 2020
saved me so much..
i was trying to delete an ogg file thinking it was a virus, but i forgot my Web Media Extensions was not up to date yet.. and my internet was so bad it cant even open mc store.
thank you.