VobSub Ripper

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VobSub Ripper extracts subtitles from DVD movies and saves them as IDX and SUB files. It can also create SRT subtitle files.

VobSub Ripper is portable and it doesn’t come with an installation pack.

You can keep the executable anywhere on your computer or on a memory device and run it when necessary.

A major advantage with VobSub Ripper is its wizard-type interface, which is friendly with all user categories.

All you need to do is select the IFO title of the DVD and choose the destination folder where the subtitle will be saved.

Advanced options of this utility include selecting the program chain, selecting the language stream and the VOB IDs, and enabling forced subtitles.

The ripping operation is fast and straightforward and the amount of system resources needed by VobSub Ripper is low.

On the other hand, the application has not been developed anymore for a long time and it lacks today’s advanced features.
Reviews & Comments
VobSub Ripper
on 04 April 2024
i have been looking for a software like this for months, but never found anything that could do the job i wanted.

when this software came along, i was totally amazed by it.
VobSub Ripper
Travis Stein
on 14 July 2009
An outstanding tool! :)