Sublight 5.4

4 from 2 Reviews

Sublight is a user-friendly application which helps you to search for subtitles online by using various criteria or to upload your own subtitles.

When there are so many media players which automatically search for subtitle online, you might be wondering what the worth of such a program is.

Sublight offers you more options compared to the subtitles searching tool found in media players and it will definitely produce faster and more relevant results than a manual search.

With Sublight, you can opt between automatic search and manual search which uses criteria such as season, episode, title or year.

Either way, once the results are displayed, you will find it easier to choose the subtitle which best suits your video file.

You can filter the results and you are able to view a variety of subtitle details (media type, language, synchronization, votes and reports, number of downloads, publisher name, submitting date).

With Sublight, you have one more guarantee that the perfect subtitle searching process is shorter and produces better results.

Sublight comes in handy, too, when you want to share with other movie enthusiasts and upload your own subtitles.

You just need to specify a few details, such as subtitle language, type, FPS, release and IMDb link, so other users find your subtitle just as easy as you found the ones you’ve looked after.

Apart from these options, Sublight will impress you with other features, as well.

It has a Ribbon user interface which looks and feels like the Office 2010 look, it autodetects over 150,000 films and TV series, and it allows you to play RAR compressed video files.

Subtitle synchronization, previewing subtitles before download and integrating subtitle search in Windows Explorer are also possible.

It has never been easier to find and manage subtitles, due to this extremely lightweight application which will improve your movie watching experience significantly.

Changes to Sublight 5.4.1005:

- disabling SubDivx plugin due to high CPU usage

Reviews & Comments
Sublight 2.5.2
on 05 August 2010
Not exactly true. You don't have to donate, you can publish new subtitles and you will not have to wait for your downloads anymore.
Sublight 2.5.1
on 31 July 2010
not really freeware, very annoying that you have to wait 10 sec. when downloading substitles - if you dont donate that is.
Too bad.