Streamripper 1.64.6

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Streamripper enables you to record icecast and shoutcast compatible streams maintaining their original format.

By installing this tool to your computer, you will be able to work with the following formats: MP3, AAC, OGG and NSV.

You don’t have to worry about the beginning and end of each song; the metadata found in the stream will automatically split the audio content into individual files.

This application was designed as a plugin for Winamp, but it can also be used as a command line utility by advanced users.

Using it as a Winamp plugin is, of course, easier. All you have to do is to install the plugin and go to the Preferences menu in order to activate it. The next step you need to take is accessing and finding a stream you want to record. Play the stream in Winamp and start recording with Streamripper.

Make sure your Internet connection is fast and reliable and you will have no problems with recording the streams.

Due to the relay server Streamripper features, you can listen to the station while you are recording.

The components of Streamripper are the Winamp plugin, the console application, the GUI application, and the Core Libraries (the core of the application).

Streamripper would not be worth downloading if you couldn’t customize its options. By accessing the Settings panel, you will be able to modify the output destination, the name of the recording, the ID3 info, the skin of the application and the metadata and relay types.

The following steps switches Streamripper on (if you didn't do this during installation):

- Go in Winamp to Options > Preferences > Plug-ins > General Purpose
- Click on "Streamripper For Winamp" and then click on "Configure selected plug-in"
- In the little Window, check the box and click OK.
- In Systray near the clock doubleclick on the SR icon (the icon will always appear when running winamp).

Compact and easy to use, Streamripper is strongly recommended to anyone interested in recording stream trouble-free; the application comes with a variety of tools which make recording very simple.
Reviews & Comments
Streamripper 1.61.24
Peter Topno
on 09 July 2006
Just tried it and it seems great. Yet to understand its full potential though !
Streamripper 1.60.10
on 10 November 2004
Perfect !