Quark Player 3.2.4

Quark Player is an Electron based web video services player, supporting Netflix, Youtube, Twitch, HBO Max, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Vimeo, Apple TV+ and More!
Quark Player is a fork of ElectronPlayer which is itself a fork of (the same author's) Netflix app.

Features of Quark Player 3.2.3 :

- Multiple streaming services supported (You can use JSON configuration to add others)
- AdBlocker (provided by Cliqz)
- Always On Top Window
- Set Startup Page (Any service, or remember last opened page)
- Frameless Window
- Rough Picture in Picture Support (Floating Window, Above all Window, and Fullscreen)
- Full Screen Window on Startup
- Alt+Left and Alt+Right to navigate back/forward in page
- Custom Electron top bar menu with multiple functions.
- Right click menu with functions similar to Chromium.

Changes in Quark Player 3.2.3 :

- Updated Electron to 22.3.23
- You can now directly edit thedefault-services.js file that is unpacked in the 'resources' dir inside the install dir.
- Added Crackle as a service
- Made menu.js smaller
- Made all windows use "useContentSize: true" to simplify window sizing and make windows the same size on all platforms.
- Build script tweaks
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