Panasonic DV Codec

3.5 from 4 Reviews

Panasonic DV Codec allows you to play and import DV-AVI Type-2 files. You just have to integrate this codec within VirtualDub and you can watch your favorite videos.

In order to install Panasonic DV Codec to your computer, you need to uncompress the archive first; right-click on the panadv.inf file and select Install.

Continue anyway, even if you are prompted by a message saying that the software has not passed Windows Logo testing.

Some of the most important advantages that will convince you to deploy this codec to your computer are the possibility of adding plugins and other codecs, and the fact that you can install this codec within other host applications which work with AVI streams.
Reviews & Comments
Panasonic DV Codec
on 09 December 2011
What a big this...just remove DV extension and add 'avi' as a new extension. works fine for me...
Panasonic DV Codec
on 03 November 2009
This version of codec cannot be installed on Windows 7 (I don't know about Vista - maybe even there), because it doesn't have installer - Windows 7 requires that you right-click an .exe file and then choose Run as administrator, and you can't do that with .inf file.

So - if you use Windows 7, use this version:

After unpacking, click Run as Administrator on .exe file.
Panasonic DV Codec
on 19 May 2008
This codec works fine, however it causes Windows Media player, Vegas, etc. to fail on certain files (non standard files, like video from digital still cameras) because it thinks it can play them, but in fact can't. V-dub will give an error message on loading such a file. (WMP won't...)

To remove codec:
Go to the Control Panel, go to Sound and Audio Devices, go to Hardware, scroll down to Video Codecs, click Properties and select the pdvcodec.dll and click Remove.