Nic's XviD Codec 2009.08.23

4.43 from 14 Reviews

XviD Nic's XviD Codec helps you decode videos processed with the XviD library and to play DivX files.

Compact and easy to use, Nic's XviD Codec will enable you to play some of the most common video formats.

Nic's XviD Codec’s main features are I and P frame encoding, fullpixel and halfpixel options, PMVFast and EPZS with diamond and square pattern motion estimation, inter4v mode, precision, custom quant matrices, both MPEG4 and H263 quantizations, adaptive quantization and luminance masking.

Nic's XviD Codec is suitable for videos processed with the XviD Codec. XviD is not a format, but a codec used to compress and decompress MPEG-4 videos.

Since did not provide a compiled version of the XviD codec, but only the sources, developers were encouraged to create Xvid-based supplications, such as Nic's XviD Codec.

This codec was designed for all types of users and it is easy to install (just press “Next” a few times and the application is deployed to your computer). After setting up the codec, you can forget it even exists, as it has no configuration windows and it just does its job as promised.

You will simply be able to play XviD-based movies or video clips in any media player using DirectShow.

The last release of Nic's XviD Codec dates from 2009. This lightweight and easy to use tool is one of the simplest solutions for playing XviD and DivX encoded videos. Even if there will be no additional updates for this project, it can still do its job of decoding and playing these types of video files.
Reviews & Comments
Nic's XviD Codec 2009.08.23
on 16 April 2011
Superb codec! The best version is old

Nic's XviD v1.1.0.Beta2.6.04.2005

Overall quality is much better than modern Nic's & Koepi's XviD-s and DivX v4-v8.

"Old version... because the new is not always better..."
Nic's XviD Codec 2009.08.23
on 19 December 2009
Really good,
I use it only for decoding, very good results,
I use post processing for all options, including 'film effect'

Stable and good solid image quality,
Suits my needs
Nic's XviD Codec 2009.08.23
on 21 October 2009
worked really good, fast download, played immediately