MPEGed is a basic editor enabling you to modify MPEG file properties without re-encoding or compromising on image quality.
Some of the parameters you can adjust with MPEGed are framerate, resolution and aspect ratio.

MPEGed has not been updated anymore since 2004 and when it was released, it aimed to solve a common issue that MPEG files used to have: videos in the MPEG format downloaded from the Internet had a problem with full screen playback: the image was deformed and it was either stretched or squashed.

This tiny utility made correct full screen playback possible by adjusting the aspect ratio to comply with the MPEG resolution.

Besides MPEG files, MPEGed will also allow you to fix the incorrect header properties of MPG and M1V files. The application displays a simple interface with a basic layout, allowing you to search for specific file types.

With MPEGed you can apply specific filtering settings to each directory, and the files corresponding to your requirements will be displayed in a different panel, where you can analyze each individually. The software scans each video file and looks for a valid header within the first 65332 bytes, while displaying any error it detects.

Some changes you can perform using MPEGed are modifying the playback rate, the video resolution, and the full screen aspect ratio, and you can also match the video resolution with the aspect ratio and choose between PAL and NTSC standards.

The main features of MPEGed are its ability to correct MPEG files, its high processing speed, the intelligent Aspect Ratio detection, supporting the ISO standard for MPEG video, a directory scanner which detects incorrect header info and its small file size. The most important aspect is that you can modify video properties without re-encoding the file.
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