MPC MPEG Splitter

MPEG Splitter splits an MPEG-1 system stream into its component: audio and video streams.
As the description above says, it can split MPEG-1 system streams allowing you to play MPEG files.

It's useful to know, before you start downloading it, that MPEG Splitter is not a tool able to split, trim and cut your videos.

If you are looking for such a tool, check out Video Editors and Video Encoders categories. There is for sure something that will meet your needs.

MPEG-2 Video Extension also helps to play MPEG videos in your favorite video player.

Some changes made to MPEG Splitter 1.6.8:

- Fixed playback of some MPEG-PS.
- Fixed time navigation for 3D Blu-ray.
- Added option "Support 3D MVC Extension".
- Unsupported G.722.1 audio tracks for Hikvision (IMKH) camera files will be ignored.
- Added support for AVS3 video codec.
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