MPEG Mediator 1.5

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MPEG Mediator helps you convert MPEG video streams by using plugins and at the same time it offers you the possibility of applying filters and using basic editing options.

MPEG Mediator is both compact and portable, which makes it a convenient solution for older computers, too.

In fact, the application has not been developed anymore for several years and it may not be compatible with the latest operating systems.

On the other hand, MPEG Mediator doesn’t require installation and it doesn’t modify your Windows registry.

The formats supported by MPEG Mediator are MPEG-1, MPEG-2, AC3, MPEG and LPCM. This program’s flexibility is further ensured by its use of Flask-style plugins which make it possible to output video converted in the desired format.

MPEG Mediator’s interface is simple and self-explanatory. The standard window allows you to easily access a variety of options and to view file properties. The plugin settings you can adjust are keyframe, compression, input and output color format, multiple threads, audio stream, output filename and many others.

Furthermore, you can apply filters to your videos and experiment with editing options such as cropping, resizing, deinterlacing and aspect ratio. Not all frames need to be applied the same options.

The last version of MPEG Mediator, 1.5, was launched in 2005, and it features several improvements: added “pause” functionality to the progress dialog, converted “Inverse Telecine” option to “Keep Film”, recompiled the AVI plugin with dynamically linked mfc, and added sort functionality to file dialog.

MPEG Mediator was one of the best solutions available for converting MPEG files by using plugins, and, despite being discontinued it may still be helpful to a limited category of users.
Reviews & Comments
MPEG Mediator 1.5
on 15 June 2016
Mpeg mediator is the only software that can convert VOB to avi with a perfect synchronization of video and audio.

all other converters including all pro versions will not synchro.
MPEG Mediator 1.5
on 21 December 2005
I Love this software! I have actually quit using Divx converter and used this to convert all my VOB's to AVI.

This is the only program i have NEVER had a problem with Audio sync, a must have!