MPC Video Decoder

When it comes to video playback, having a reliable and feature-rich video decoder can make all the difference. One such decoder that stands out is the MPC Video Decoder.

Developed as part of the Media Player Classic (MPC) project - MPC-BE and MPC-HC are 2 well-known forks of it and both of them support MPC Video Decoder -, this decoder offers a wide range of advanced features and settings to enhance your video playback experience.

High-Quality Video Decoding:

MPC Video Decoder utilizes advanced algorithms to deliver amazing video decoding performance.

It supports various video formats, including popular ones like AV1, H.264 (AVC), HEVC/HVC1, MPEG-2 and VP9.

By leveraging hardware acceleration technologies, such as DXVA (DirectX Video Acceleration) and CUDA (Compute Unified Device Architecture), MPC Video Decoder ensures smooth and efficient decoding, even for high-resolution videos.

Customizable Video Settings:

MPC Video Decoder offers a wide range of customizable video settings to fine-tune the visual output according to your preferences.

These settings include brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, gamma correction, and more. With these options at your disposal, you can adjust the video parameters to achieve the desired color balance, contrast levels, and overall image quality.

Advanced Deinterlacing and Post-Processing:

Interlaced videos can often exhibit visual artifacts and flickering. MPC Video Decoder provides advanced deinterlacing algorithms that effectively eliminate interlacing artifacts, resulting in smoother and more natural video playback.

Additionally, the decoder offers post-processing filters, such as edge enhancement and noise reduction, to further enhance the video quality and reduce visual imperfections.

Hardware Acceleration:

To leverage the full power of your computer's hardware, MPC Video Decoder supports hardware acceleration technologies, such as DXVA and CUDA.

Enabling hardware acceleration offloads video decoding tasks to your graphics card, resulting in improved playback performance, reduced CPU usage, and smoother video playback even for high-definition and 4K content.

Seamless Integration with Media Players:

MPC Video Decoder seamlessly integrates with popular media players like Media Player Classic - Black Edition (MPC-BE) and Media Player Classic (MPC-HC)

These players provide extensive options to configure external video decoders, allowing you to select MPC Video Decoder as the preferred decoder for a wide range of video formats.

MPC Video Decoder is a powerful tool that enhances video playback by delivering high-quality decoding, customizable settings, advanced deinterlacing, and hardware acceleration capabilities.

By utilizing MPC Video Decoder, you can unlock an immersive and visually appealing video playback experience.

Whether you're a casual viewer or a video enthusiast, MPC Video Decoder offers the tools you need to optimize video quality and enjoy smooth playback across various formats.

So, why settle for ordinary video playback when you can elevate it to the next level with MPC Video Decoder? Give it a try and see the difference for yourself!

Changes to MPC Video Decoder 1.6.11:

Support for D3D12 copy back mode, VVC (H.266) video decoding, and AVS3 support for external filter has been added.
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