wxMP3val 4.2 and MP3val 0.1.8

4.25 from 4 Reviews

MP3val helps you check audio files integrity and find corrupted files. It is able to fix most of the problems it detects.

The file formats supported by MP3val are MPEG 1, 2, and 2.5 layers I, II, III; ID3v1 tags (located at the end of the file), ID3v2 tags (located at the beginning), and APEv2 tags.

MP3val was initially a command-line interface application, but a graphical interface has been added with version 0.1.1.

The application has a streamable format and it was designed for a simple and fast error recovery.

It inspects MP3 files and finds out if the files are consistent in terms of MPEG frames (if they can be split into frames and if they don’t contain garbage). Other issues checked by MP3val are the track length stored in the VBR header.

What MP3val doesn’t do is decoding audio data or checking for data validity in the frame. Although it fixes the majority of MP3 files problems, when you try to repair files with MPEG stream errors, you need to find a good copy of the file. “Click” sounds cannot be removed.

The last versions of MP3val were added more precise reports about CRC, a new option to keep file timestamps, correctly preserved attributes, more accurate handling of write errors, a new toolbar, preferences, and the window style was improved.

MP3val comes in handy whenever you need to detect errors in your MP3 files and to repair them. The application is compact, but it works at high speed and with very good results. MP3val will solve many of your MP3 problems without you needing to be an expert user.

- Read MP3val's online manual here.
- wxMP3val is a free front-end for the MP3val.
Reviews & Comments
MP3val 0.1.8
on 27 September 2011
My Cowon D2 mp3 player started crashing, track names would disappear and sometimes it would "Blue Screen". It was getting progressively worse. I worried it was slowing failing, that I'd have to by a new player.

But after searching forums, I came across a post saying that mp3 corruption can ruin an MP3 player's database and to fix this I'd need to use MP3val.

So I downloaded this handy utility, scanned and fixed my corrupted mp3 files (and there were many). Since, I've had no problems at all with my Cowon. I've even expanded it's memory with a 16Gb SD card without fuss. MP3val is an indispensable utility, 5/5.

It also runs fine on Linux using Wine!
MP3val 0.1.8
on 23 August 2011
Just a perfect program! Solved all my MP3 problems. And it's very fast!

Thanks to the programmer!
MP3val 0.1.8
Al Winston
on 05 October 2010
Had a large corrupt MP3 file that is able to be played in WinAmp, but can't be cut due to a CRC error or something similar.

This program read the 2gig file as empty and would not even scan it. Cute, but worthless.