Morgan M-JPEG Codec 3.99.115

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The Morgan M-JPEG Codec is an up-to-date tool allowing you to play MJPEG files in any DirectShow-based application.

This codec is able to compress and play video at more than 30 pictures by second while preserving great image quality and without needing extra cards or a dedicated chipset.

The Morgan M-JPEG Codec is superior to the Microsoft MJPEG codec as it encodes 4 to 10 times faster.

Another feature of this codec is the ability to play “old” hardware MJPEG AVI files such as DC10, DC20, DC30, Buz and Rainbow Runner without needing a specific hardware codec.

MJPEG and MOV files obtained with DSLR, DigiCam, WebCam and NetCam are supported too.

The Morgan M-JPEG Codec can perform realtime software MJPEG compression using capture cards which don’t support hardware compression.

Furthermore, the codec is compliant with a variety of formats (all MJPEG formats such as 4:2:2, 4:1:1, 4:2:0, MJPG, dmb1 and jpeg) and with various Windows versions: 2000, XP, Vista and 7. The Morgan M-JPEG Codec supports MMX, SSE, SSE2 and Multicore optimizations and it allows you to edit MJPEG projects without using specific hardware codec.

The most common colorspaces supported by Morgan M-JPEG Codec are RGB, YUV, RGB32, YUY2 and UYVY.
The codec is DirectShow compliant and it is available both in 32 and 64-bit versions. A configuration window is available so you can enable or disable compression and decompression, according to your needs and preferences.

With the Morgan M-JPEG Codec you can play MJPEG files, both in AVI and MOV formats, without needing a special hardware codec and even if your systems lacks the capture cards supporting MJPEG compression.
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Morgan M-JPEG Codec 3.99.115
Marc Yoc
on 11 November 2023
it's fine this tool.