Media Player Classic

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Media Player Classic (MPC) is an application which resembles Windows Media Player 6.4 in terms of interface and CPU usage, but which comes with a big load of extra features you will definitely enjoy.

Old school aspect and a lot of power under the hood at the same time!

Developed by Gabest, MPC is able to play the most popular video file formats, including FLAC, FLV, QuickTime and RealVideo.

The application benefits from a built-in DVD player with real-time zoom as well.

No compatibility issues will arise due to the MPEG2/SVCD/DVD codec.

MPC takes care of all the aspects of your movie watching experience, including subtitles. Easily embed subtitles by using the Media Player’s online subtitle database; you will be sent automatically to a page where the subtitle you need is available.

MPC comes with a series of other neat functions, as well.

It can cause your system to take different actions after playback, such as shutting down, logging off, standing by or hibernating. It allows you to jump to a certain frame in your video, which is helpful especially when you want to crop it. Another interesting feature is being able to eliminate all the sound or certain audio tracks. Furthermore, you can modify the filters when playing video files.

Media Player Classic is being constantly improved, and the latest versions have undergone useful changes, such as updates of the common/release.vsprops and of the manifest file, compiling with VS2008, adding the ATL include files and many others.

MPC is the kind of media player that suits both beginners and experts. Its intuitive and simple interface makes it easy to use by anyone, and you can explore its more advanced options, as well.

The application does not lack the assets of a modern media player and it completely satisfies its users.

What is the difference MPC, MPC-HC and MPC-BE?

Media Player Classic was developed by Gabest, while the MPC-HC (Media Player Classic Home Cinema) is a mod designed mainly for home cinema usage and is released by Casimir666.

MPC-BE (Media Player Classic - Black Edition) is a MPC and MPC-HC based fork released by some developers from Russia.

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Reviews & Comments
Media Player Classic
on 07 April 2013
This media player has 2 problems:

1st its the older version without Home cinema. . so why would download it.

Second in general there are just better free media players out there like VLC
Media Player Classic
on 23 June 2012
this player works just fine.....if you like watching your dvds upside down! The picture is clear, doesnt lag, but HUGE problem, my picture is upside down , and apparently no way to correct it.
Media Player Classic
on 20 August 2011
This program works just fine for playing DVDs. I had to get it because Windows Media Player 11 just keeps crashing.