Media Foundation FLAC Codec 1.4

Media Foundation FLAC Codec is able to decode the FLAC format. At the same time, it is a Windows Media Foundation file source.

These two functions are implemented separately in order to enable FLAC decoding from other containers.

Media Foundation FLAC Codec can be used with any player using the Media Foundation pipeline, such as Windows Media Player.

This codec is not a DirectShow source or filter which means it can be used with DirectShow-based player.

Additionally, it doesn’t work on computers with Windows XP because it uses a more recent API.

Media Foundation FLAC Codec is being constantly updated, and its last versions feature read-write and read-only support for FLAC tags and better integration with shell.

Changes to Media Foundation FLAC Codec 1.4:

- Read-write and read-only support for FLAC tags.
- Better integration with shell.
- Proper registration with Windows Media Player, including playlists.
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