libheif is a powerful library designed for decoding and encoding HEIF (High Efficiency Image File Format) and AVIF (AV1 Image File Format) images.

These modern formats use advanced compression techniques —HEIF leverages HEVC (H.265) while AVIF utilizes AV1— providing superior compression ratios compared to older formats like JPEG or PNG.

Decoding Capabilities:

- Tiled Images: Efficiently handle large images by breaking them into smaller, manageable tiles.

- Alpha Channels: Support for images with transparency.

- Thumbnails: Extract and decode embedded thumbnails.

- Metadata: Read EXIF and XMP metadata for detailed image information.

- Depth Channel: Decode images with depth information, useful for 3D effects.

- Multiple Images: Manage files containing multiple images.

- Transformations: Perform image transformations such as cropping, mirroring, and rotating.

- Overlay Images: Support for images with overlay layers.

- Plugin Interface: Extend functionality by adding codecs for additional formats like AVC and JPEG.

- Progressive Decoding: Decode images as they are being downloaded, enabling previewing.

- Color Profiles: Read embedded color profiles for accurate color representation.

- heix Images: Support for high bit-depth images (10 and 12-bit, chroma 4:2:2).

Encoding Capabilities:

- Compression: Options for both lossy (with adjustable quality) and lossless compression.

- Alpha Channels: Preserve transparency in encoded images.

- Thumbnails: Embed thumbnails in the encoded file.

- Multiple Images: Save multiple images in a single file.

- Metadata: Write EXIF and XMP metadata into the image files.

- Color Profiles: Embed color profiles to maintain color accuracy.

- High Bit-Depth: Support for 10 and 12-bit images.

- Monochrome Images: Encode monochrome images efficiently.

libheif is a versatile tool for anyone dealing with HEIF and AVIF images, offering extensive features for both decoding and encoding.

Whether you need high-efficiency storage, detailed metadata handling, or advanced image processing capabilities, libheif provides a robust solution.
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