The libavif library is used for encoding and decoding .avif files, ensuring developers can easily implement this format in their projects.

Avif is a modern image format based on the AV1 video codec, designed to offer superior compression and quality compared to older formats like JPEG and PNG.

It provides smaller file sizes while maintaining high image quality, making it ideal for web usage where speed and efficiency are crucial.

Key benefits of libavif include better color depth, HDR support, and improved compression.

As web technologies advance, libavif is becoming a popular choice for developers aiming to optimize their websites without compromising on visual experience.

The latest version, libavif 1.0.4, includes the following components:

dav1d [dec]: 1.4.0-67-g85a1035
aom [enc/dec]: 3.8.1-302-g14010c6f0f
rav1e [enc]: 0.7.0 (p20240227)
libyuv: available (1887)

Guides for Using AVIF:

How to View AVIF Image Files on Windows provides instructions for opening and enjoying AVIF images, making it easy for Windows users to adopt this format.
How to Open AVIF Files in Photoshop Using the AVIF Format Plugin helps users integrate AVIF support into Photoshop, allowing for advanced editing and manipulation of AVIF images.

Avif is a promising image format that balances quality and performance, making it perfect for the modern web.
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