Helium Audio Joiner 1.9.331

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Helium Audio Joiner, as its name suggests, allows you to merge various audio tracks into one single file using an intuitive interface and advanced tools.

The main audio formats supported by Helium Audio Joiner are AAC, FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, Wave, WAVPack, WMA, M4A, M4B, MP3, MP4 and MPC.

Files can be imported using the browser, folder view or the drag and drop method.

For each file, Helium Audio Joiner will display full path, title, artist, length, size, format, bit rate, genre, format and year. Tag information can easily be edited.

Joining audio tracks is simple: import files to the list and put them in the desired order; select the output format and set encoder options; add tag information for the output file if you want to and eventually click Join files.

Additionally, you can ask Helium Audio Joiner to automatically create a CUE file for the resulting file using the Create CUE checkbox.

FLAC and MP3 output files can be analyzed and checked for data integrity. Helium Audio Joiner displays information for every selected file (overview, file and tag information and attached pictures).

Helium Audio Joiner takes care of other important details, too: adding or not silence between tracks, giving a warning when lossless and lossy music files are joined, altering the default temporary path and so on.

Helium Audio Joiner is being constantly updated, so you always enjoy the latest features of merging applications. This compact piece of software focuses on two important directions: merging audio tracks and customizing output file information.

These two features and a variety of other options make Helium Audio Joiner a reliable and helpful application for anyone looking to merge audio files.
Reviews & Comments
Helium Audio Joiner 1.5
on 21 January 2013
Nice and easy to use, big variety of format support.
Helium Audio Joiner
Ron Hager
on 31 March 2012
I am disappointed in this product.

Cons: 1) When you highlight the group of files you want to join and it will load them but it will order them differently. (But you can reorder them as needed, or you can add them one at a time in the order you want them in.)

2) WMA files when joined will NOT copy the files at the same bit rate as the original.

3) I merged 4 files together and the merge indicated each file being copied and at the end indicated that all 4 files were joined. HOWEVER, the output file only contained the 1st of the 4 files I selected. A second try resulted in the same result.


It has a easy to use interface.