Orban AAC/aacPlus Player Plugin 1.1.52

Updated: 26 Nov 2011

Orban AAC/aacPlus Player Plugin was designed for Windows Media Player so you can play the following audio files and streams: AAC, aacPlus, HE-AACv1, HE-AACv2 and eAAC+.
It offers support for mono, stereo and surround audio tracks.

This software tool was developed by the same company which created SBR technology which in its turn updated AAC to aacPlus High quality.

This plugin makes it possible to enjoy bandwidth-efficient audio in Windows Media Player.

With Orban AAC/aacPlus Player Plugin, you also have access to comprehensive information about files and streams in real time, in Windows Media Player’s video window (description, stream name, title, artist, file media graphics etc.). You have the possibility of viewing this information in HTMLView Windows Media Players as well.

Orban AAC/aacPlus Player Plugin provides support for file types such as AAC, MP4, M4A (Apple iTunes Unprotected), M4B (Apple iTunes Unprotected Bookmark) and 3GP, and it works with various life stream types: UNICAST, ADTS SHOUTcast, ADTS Icecast2, MPEG-4, MPEG-4 Packet Optimized, 3GPP/LATM, 3GPP/LATM Packet Optimized, MULTICAST - MPEG-4, MPEG-4 Packet Optimized.

The plugin is compatible with all Windows Media Player versions, from 6.4 to the last one, and you can install it to your system if you use Windows 2000, XP, Vista or 7. The installation process is fast and simple and you are not risking any malware or additional software being deployed to your computer.

Orban AAC/aacPlus Player Plugin doesn’t work only for Windows Media Player; it serves as a plugin for any DirectShow based media player.

This small-sized plugin will enhance the capabilities of your DirectShow compliant media player and broaden your horizons due to the formats it allows you to work with. It uses very little of your system resources and apart from supporting AAC, aacPlus, HE-AACv1, HE-AACv2 and eAAC+ formats it offers you extensive information about your audio files.
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Orban AAC/aacPlus Player Plugin 1.1.52
on 29 April 2015 , reviewed by:

Same here: Unable to register DLL/OCX RegSvr3 failed with exit code 0x3: Win XP, WMP 11, Orban AAC/aacPlus ...


Orban AAC/aacPlus Player Plugin 1.1.52
on 11 May 2014 , reviewed by:

Unable to register DLL/OCX RegSvr3 failed with exit code 0x3: Win XP, WMP 11, Orban AAC/aacPlus Player Plugin

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