Convolver is a plug-in for Windows Media Player and any other application that works with DMOs and DirectShow filters.

It passes sound through a user-provided Finite Impulse Response filter in order to make corrections.
FIR filters can be applied to multi-channel digital audio in different forms.

One would be real time DSP audio plug-in for Windows Media Player.

The Convolver pack also includes two DirectX/DirectShow filter versions for various real time applications such as Windows Media Player Classic, Zoom Player Pro, Console or J. River Media Center.

There are also a VST plug-in version and a number of command line applications which test performance.

This software is useful in so many different ways: playing sound corrected for your room response, bass management, equalization, cross-overs, cross-talk cancelation, effects filter and so on.

The main features of Convolver include excellent performance, even on older computers (the processing speed is 40 times faster than real time and it only needs 3% of system resources); multi-channels input and output; dither and noise shape of various outputs; arbitrary length convolutions for unusual applications; mixing, scaling and delaying and accepting a wide range of filter file formats. Multiple filters can be loaded at the same time and the first to match the playback format is automatically selected.

After installing Convolver, you need to make the necessary settings in Windows Media Player. From the media player’s menu, select Tools, Plug-ins, Options and on the Plug-ins tab, select Audio DSP. Access Properties and configure the plug-in. Finally, you need to select Get config and to pick up the configuration file.

Convolver has not been developed for many years and it may be outdated, since media players have evolved and began to include many of the features provided by plug-ins. Nevertheless, if you are using an older computer with an old version of Windows Media Player, this plug-in may come in handy for you.
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