BD Rebuilder 0.61.16

Updated: 15 Sep 2020

BD Rebuilder is a powerful application which makes it possible to reduce the size of Blu-rays and DVDs, including their menus and extras.
Blu-rays can be backed up both to DVDR and BDR; backups are compressed, but their original video quality is preserved to a great extent.

BD Rebuilder provides support for DVD-5, DVD-9, BD-25 and various custom-sized discs.

The program allows you to cut unwanted audio tracks, remove extra materials, or keep just the main video.

In order to achieve all these and work properly, BD Rebuilder requires you to have FFDShow and Avisynth installed to your computer.

Convenience of use is ensured by the batch processing feature; furthermore, in order to reduce the time spent compressing videos you can prioritize jobs and prepare multiple jobs in advance.

BD Rebuilder has been developed with speed in mind – this is why you can choose between creating a full back-up, a quick-play back-up, or a movie-only back-up. In the first case, the output is an exact copy of the original file, and the compression takes more time to complete.

Users interested in BD Rebuilder should keep in mind that this software is not a decrypter; if they need a decrypter, they should try alternatives like AnyDVD or DVDFab HD Decrypter.

Editing options include selecting between audio and subtitle tracks, customizing encoding options, resizing videos, changing the view mode, deinterlacing, and many others. Another useful option is maintaining the original audio settings while skipping AC3 re-encoding.

BD Rebuilder’s beta version has been released in October 2015 and users can test its encoding capabilities as long as they are aware of the fact that beta software contains bugs and may not work impeccably.

BD Rebuilder is an extremely useful tool for users looking for a free tool allowing them to create customized back-ups of their DVDs and Blu-ray movies while maintaining original picture quality.
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