AudioCrusher 1.4

Updated: 27 Mar 2005

AudioCrusher enables you to extract data from audio CDs and save it in the most popular audio formats, such as MP3 and WAV.
Because the audio streams are extracted digitally, quality losses are completely eliminated.

The input formats supported by AudioCrusher are RAW Audio, MP3, WAV, OGG, AAC, APE and WMA. MP3 is compatible with AudioCrusher, no matter what codec has been used for MP3 encryption, such as LameEnc, BladeEnc or Fraunhofer. Additional formats can be accessed using the Audio Compression Manager or the Command Line Encoder interface.

ID3 tags are supported as well and they can be attached to resulting MP3 files. Winamp playlists are compatible with this application, too, and extensive playlist information is supported.

The most important features of AudioCrusher are the direct CD ripping, the freedb support, the normalization option, the automatic playlist creation option handling extended playlist information, the SFV-checksum file creation, the cdparanoia error correction in order to obtain perfect copies, and the CD-text support. Audio CD playback functionality has been included, too, and the application supports various CD-ROM drive types. Filenames are completely customizable with AudioCrusher.

AudioCrusher has not been updated anymore since 2005 and its last version was 1.4. The final version made it possible to create exact copies of even badly scratched discs and new output formats were added, such as AAC and Monkey’s Audio. A new interface for accessing CD drives was included.

AudioCrusher was very useful for those looking to backup their Audio CDs, but nowadays the application is obsolete and it may not provide support for the latest audio formats anymore.

AudioCrusher is a good idea if you are using an older computer and the audio CDs you want to extract music from are not recent.
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AudioCrusher 1.4
on 03 May 2007 , reviewed by:

I have a Core 2 Duo with 2GB RAM, the program bombs out every time I click "Rip" with "Error ...


AudioCrusher 1.4
on 01 April 2005 , reviewed by:

looks like the same version that has been out for a long time. tried it on 3 xpsp1a systems. advise ...

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