Aud-X surround codec 1.24

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Aud-X surround codec is recommended for use with MPEG4 (XviD/DivX) movies and it enables you to encode AC3 and WAV values.

It also decodes MP3 files which can be turned to AC3 tracks with different bitrate values.

This application actually consists of three different parts: the Aud-X executable file encoder/decoder; the Aud-X DirectShow decoder filter, and the Aud-X ACM encoder (for VirtualDubMod and other Audio compression Manager compatible software).

Each component has an important role.

The executable encoder/decoder performs independent sound compression (demuxed movie soundtracks or multichannel recordings) and conversion from Aud-X to 6 channel PCM or AC3 format.

The DirectShow Filter ensures compatibility with most multimedia software players using DirectX, while the ACM encoder encodes movies using the Audio Compression Manager compatible software.

Aud-X surround codec performs both encoding and decoding. The quality for audio encoding starts from 80 kbps and it can reach a maximum of 192 kbps.

The formats supported by Aud-X surround codec are AC3 and WAV. When it comes to decoding, the input format handled by Aud-X surround codec is MP3, which can be transformed to AC3 or PCM.

Aud-X surround codec can be set as the default codec for decoding AC3, PCM, MP3 and Aud-X streams. This tool can also be used when you have other decoders installed to your computer, too, in which case this filter will be the last one used during stream processing.

Aud-X surround codec is one of the best choices when you want to transform regular music into surround audio. Any user is encouraged to try this tool, regardless of their level of experience.

Aud-X surround codec is easy to use and it produces great results with minimum effort.
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Aud-X surround codec 1.24
michael james
on 24 January 2009
this is a very important note for aud-x users. using the vdub mod (version 1.6) for aud-x, enable full processing mode for multichannel stream and save it as a WAVE. Next encode the PCM multichannal wave into an AUD-X mp3 file.

If you attempt to encode your DVD or multichannel video file directly in vdub you WILL get sync issue and audio corruption.

AUD-X and x264 with Vdub/mod are the perfect enocding tools for your movie archiving needs. Nothing else comes close for free or pay!

Of course a quad core setup with minimum 2gigs dual channel ram is recommended but if you got your own HTPC and hate normal TV or any TV with ads....make your own movie archive! I currently have over 600 cinema movie titles and over 15 TV series.
Aud-X surround codec 1.23
on 11 July 2007
Not working with my DivX files that created with TMPGEnc and has a dolby 5 channel.
Aud-X surround codec 1.2
on 01 April 2006
it's perfect