Shark007 Codecs 18.5.8

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Shark007 Codecs (formerly known as Advanced/Standard Codecs and Windows 7 Codecs) is a codec pack that includes a variety of audio and video codecs for use on Windows 7, 8, 10 and 11 systems.

- Both ADVANCED and STANDARD Codecs have been deprecated @ ver 17.5 and replaced by the Shark007 Codecs.
- Installer releases and 32bit versions have been discontinued.

Shark007 Codecs includes support for many popular file formats, including AVI, MP4, MKV, and FLV, among others.

The codecs in the pack are designed to work with a wide range of media players and other software, and they are frequently updated to ensure compatibility with the latest versions of Windows and other software.

The pack is developed by Shark007, who is known for creating high-quality codec packs and other tools for Windows users.

The recent rewrite of the Settings Application has focused on improving the user experience and making the application more efficient and reliable.

Some of the key features include a more intuitive and visually appealing layout, the ability to move the application around on the screen, an Always On Top feature to keep it in view, the ability to propagate codec settings to all user accounts with a single click, and a Save | Restore settings feature to allow users to easily return to a previous setup.

The application also requires Administrative privileges upon startup and includes a RESET ALL button to allow users to return to a just installed state in case of any issues.

Overall, it sounds like the rewrite has made the application more user-friendly and efficient.
Reviews & Comments
ADVANCED Codecs 14.5.3
on 15 January 2021
The x64 version offered for download here is actually a Portable release. No installer is used.

Admin's note: it has been updated. Thanks!
ADVANCED Codecs 6.1
on 19 April 2016
Shark removed all Adware and distributes a 100% clean installer beginning with version 6.1
ADVANCED Codecs 5.46
on 30 September 2015
Installs a lot of unwanted crap. Stay away from this.