abcAVI Tag Editor

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By installing abcAVI Tag Editor to your computer, you will be able to view and edits tags in AVI files.

The source of information can be the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) or you can introduce data by yourself.

Unlike other similar applications, abcAVI Tag Editor offers you the possibility of editing more than 40 tags, not just the basic ones (title, genre, subject and so on).

Information can be displayed in tree style or in short form.

An almost complete tag editing solution, abcAVI Tag Editor recognizes over 650 FourCC and TwoCC codes and it offers support for RIFF INFO tags. Moreover, you can change the FourCC video codec signatures, the playback speed and the video frame size.

Easiness of use is ensured due to the batch file editing options and to the drag and drop method support. When importing information from Internet Movie Database, you can choose exactly what to import and you save bandwidth because the application sends you queries using email interface.

Besides importing information, abcAVI Tag Editor can also export the contents of your tags.

You can create export templates using over 150 predefined keywords; abcAVI Tag Editor can export tag information to various text formats such as TXT, HTML and XLS.

Beginners may feel a bit intimidated at first, because the interface is rather cluttered and it comprises lots of features which are organized in tabs. For the beginning, you can just open a video and notice how abcAVI Tag Editor displays its name, size, duration and video/audio streams.

abcAVI Tag Editor is a complex application, but, on the other hand, it offers you a very wide range of options and it allows you to edit your tags in a professional manner.
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abcAVI Tag Editor
on 29 August 2005
abcAVI writes only one instance of its signature into JUNK section of AVI file.

I search a programm that exactly don't do this ! The best is, that your program don't show your own tag :(