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Changes in Zoom Desktop Client 5.16 :

- Added Quick Recap section to Meeting Summary with AI Companion
The Meeting Summary with AI Companion sent to your email includes a brief recap of the summary. This new section is the first section of the emailed summary, allowing you to quickly review before reading other sections in more detail. This will also be available soon for meeting summaries accessed through the web portal and a meeting’s dedicated group chat.
- Smart Recording with AI Companion in-meeting enablement
Additional changes are being made to the Smart Recording feature to better align it under the AI Companion feature suite. The host can potentially enable the Smart Recording feature in a meeting, even if it is not enabled for all of their meetings (if the setting is off and unlocked). If the feature is locked the host can send a request to the admin to request to enable this feature. If the host is not an admin, an email request will be sent by Zoom to account admins for their consideration on whether to enable it. Similar to other AI Companion features, admins can control the visibility of this in-meeting enablement option through web settings.
- Minor bug fixes
- Security enhancements
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