XnConvert 1.100.1

XnConvert is a nice application to have on your computer for occasional image editing needs and not only.

Image editing is not an everyday activity for most computer users, and yet when you need to make some tweaks to your photos you often end up wasting time on tools that don’t work.

You download several programs and also try online applications, but rarely find the option you were looking for or at least a functional piece of software.

With XnConvert you won’t deal with such issues, as you can be sure of the performance of the program and its comprehensive list of features.

What are the key features of XnConvert for image processing?

One of most appreciated features of XnConvert is its extensive toolset. Users can choose between more than 80 different operations and even combine them – such as metadata editing, rotating, cropping, resizing, changing contrast and saturation, and applying filters and effects.

Another reason why XnConvert is popular with many users is its wide availability with a variety of operating systems and their editions: Windows, Max, and Linux, both 32-bit and 64-bit editions.

The high level of compatibility also makes XnConvert a must-have on your computer – the application supports over 500 formats and can export to approximately 70 different file formats.

So, whatever your computer configuration is and regardless of the type of files you need converted, XnConvert is very likely to meet your needs and expectations.

Easiness of use is ensured by the application’s importing features (both file browser and drag and drop are available) and by the possibility of applying batch processing, which can spare the user a lot of time and effort. For files in the queue you can view the name, size, date of creation and modification, properties, and other data.

XnConvert is a nice application to have on your computer for your occasional image editing needs and not only. It uses a moderate amount of computer resources and completes conversion jobs fast and without errors.

How do I get started with XnConvert?

Download now XnConvert and check A Quick Guide to Fast Convert HEIC Files with XnConvert.

Whether you're new to XnConvert or simply in need of a swift solution for converting HEIC files, this guide is your go-to resource.

Offering a streamlined and pragmatic approach, this guide walks you through the process of converting HEIC files with XnConvert. And remember, the steps outlined here are applicable to all formats supported by XnConvert, ensuring versatility and ease of use for all your conversion needs.
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