WinDV is a compact utility enabling its users to capture videos from camcorders and save them as AVI files.

It is also possible to record AVI files into DV devices using the FireWire (IEEE 1394) interface.

WinDV provides reliable and fast capturing options due to its use of a large buffer queue.

Timestamps recorded on the DV tape by the camcorder allow you to automatically split the captured video into multiple files.

The AVI files can be merged and they eventually form the final video recording.

VCR is automatically detected by WinDV, but you are recommended to select it manually in case it does not appear. After transferring the captured video to your computer, you just have to click the “Capture” button.

The application can transfer type 1 and type 2 video and you can choose what stream you want to be captured. Furthermore, by setting a discontinuity threshold, and you can have the application switch to the next capture, once it has been exceeded. For each AVI file you can set the maximum frame limit and the date and time format.

Other useful features of WinDV are easy AVI merging (you can record multiple files joined to the DV device by using wildcards), preview of transmitted video using the built-in media player, and no dropped frames due to its memory buffering feature.

In spite of its discontinued status (the application has not been developed anymore since 2004) and its very small size, WinDV is a reliable tool allowing you to transfer data from camcorder to your computer and save it in the more flexible and convenient AVI format.
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