Windows Media Lite 2.4

4.2 from 5 Reviews

Windows Media Lite makes it possible to play and stream Windows Media files without needing to deploy Windows Media Player to your computer.

It is actually a free codecs pack which allows you to play WMA and WMV files with any media player.

This pack installs to your computer the libraries and controllers you need.

Additionally, it offers you plugins for various web browsers such as Firefox, Opera and Netscape, so you can play online multimedia contents, too.

Just install this codecs pack to your computer and you don’t have to worry about anything else.

When you use tools like nLite and XPlite, Windows Media Player is uninstalled from your system and it is also possible for you not to be able to install it back.

Windows Media Lite restores the components you need, but it doesn’t install Windows Media Player. This application is dedicated to Windows XP/2003 users using nLite or XPlite needing to play WMA and WMV files.

The components of Windows Media Lite are: Windows Media Codecs (which allow you to play WMA and WMV files in almost any player, such as MPC-HC); Windows Media Format runtimes (you only need it when you don’t have Window Media Player 7/9/10 installed); Windows Media Player 6.4 ActiveX control; Windows Media Player core components and Internet Explorer plugin (it installs only some of the core components and not the entire player); Windows Media plugin for Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox, Netscape and Opera and audio codecs.

Obviously, you are prompted not to use this package if you have WMP installed to your computer, except for the situation when you only have WMP 6.4 and don't want to install a newer version of the media player.

Reviews & Comments
Windows Media Lite 2.4.0
on 18 November 2007
Windows Media Lite 2.10
on 20 February 2006
Windows Media Lite 2.10 works great so far, but I puzzled by the change(s) from 2.00 to 2.10?

What was the change(s)?
Windows Media Lite 2.00
on 13 February 2006
Hey folks - This version of Windows Media Lite Player has been fixed. Especially the uninstall part of program!!
It backs up dll's and registry entries that were previous used before the program was installed(Previous State for Media Player 6.4)!! Safe to use in Windows 2000 that has only Windows Media Player 6.4 installed from Microsoft! Works great with K-lite Codecs Packs! A must if you don't want upgrade Microsoft Windows Media Player to 7,8,and 9!!