Windows Live Photo Gallery 2012

Windows Live Photo Gallery is an application which helps you organize, view, share and edit your photos and videos.

Photo Gallery displays the images found in the My Pictures folder and you also have the possibility of adding other images, too.

You can import new files from digital cameras, memory cards, scanners, SkyDrive, CD, DVD or from any place on your hard drive.

Windows Live Photo Gallery 2012 is part of the same software suite as other well-known applications, such as Windows Live Messenger; this photo manager integrates perfectly within your Windows operating system.

The interface is elegant and intuitive; you can browse easily for images and videos on your computer as they are organized in albums. Double-clicking on a photo opens the editing feature.

The main features of Windows Live Photo Gallery 2012 are finding photos fast and with little effort; editing capabilities; importing, viewing and managing images and video files; creating slideshows; sharing multimedia contents via email, SkyDrive, Flickr or Facebook.

Additionally, Windows Live Photo Gallery 2012 also supports tagging (people tags, geo-tags, descriptive tags and so on). Some of the most advanced options are the face recognition feature and creating panoramas from your collection of photos.

It is possible that you already have Windows Live Photo Gallery installed on your computer. You can find out by accessing the Start Menu, typing Windows Live Photo Gallery in the search box and seeing if it appears in your list of results.

Windows Live Photo Gallery is definitely the kind of software tool you would like to use; it is powerful and well-organized, the interface is impressive yet functional and the tools it offers are diverse and advanced.

With Windows Live Photo Gallery, you know you enjoy constant updates and full support.

Is Windows Live Photo Gallery still developed?

No, Windows Live Photo Gallery was discontinued in 2017. However, you can still download it as part of the Windows Live Essentials Package.

What has replaced Windows Live Photo Gallery?

Microsoft Photos app has replaced Windows Live Photo Gallery. You can download Microsoft Photos from the Microsoft Store on Windows 10 and 11, or directly from CODECS.COM.
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