Do you like to keep track of all your multimedia items? Visual CD can help you catalog contents from a variety of sources: hard disks, folders, CDs, DVDs, HD-DVDs, Blu-rays, and USB drives.

This free application is the perfect solution if you want to quickly locate a specific file.

With Visual CD you can create catalogs very easily and even protect them by using a password.

The data stored in these catalogues includes audio and video information, picture data, ID3 tags, and files contained by archive files. Thumbnails for pictures and video files can be generated and you can create MP3 playlists without having the physical disks in the dive.

Other features you will enjoy with Visual CD are searching across multiple catalogs, indexing the dimensions and duration of video and music files, saving directory structure to text documents, and exporting catalogs to HTML documents, rich text formats, text documents and Excel files.

Visual CD is very complex compared to similar applications and it also allows you to detect duplicate files, rename files in a bulk, split items, read NFO files and searching items using various criteria (file name, folder name, tag, comment and so on).

All these actions are easy to perform due to Visual CD’s intuitive interface, which is very similar to Windows Explorer. The biggest advantage of Visual CD is that you can browse files and folders located on your CDs without you needing to load discs in your computer.

Visual CD is recommended to multimedia enthusiasts who have very large collections of files and need a fast and reliable solution for locating specific files without inserting dozens of CDs and other memory devices into their computer’s drives.
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