Video Clip QuickTool 0.3.1

Video Clip QuickTool is a tool intended at mobile users who create videos using their smartphone’s camera.

There are mainly two problems one may confront with when recording video with a mobile device – one is that the different video formats may not be supported by computer software, and the other is editing, mostly video orientation and cutting/pasting video.

With Video Clip QuickTool you can cut the parts you don’t need from your video and obtain the right orientation within seconds.

Main editing options provided by Video Clip QuickTool are converting old videos to new video formats, editing metadata, rotating videos, cropping video frame, and adjusting fast-slow motion.

The application does not deliver the extensive functionality of a professional editor, but if you need to perform just simple operations like converting, rotating, and flipping a video, Video Clip QuickTool is ideal for you.

Video Clip QuickTool is dedicated mostly to novice users. For instance, if you want to cut a video, you don’t have boxes for entering starting and end times or frame numbers, but you just need to set the limits on the bar, in a visually-based and intuitive manner.

All features are available within a single window, and the interface is very simple and intuitive. You can see the effects of your editing in a preview area that takes more than half of Video Clip QuickTool’s interface.

The application runs on Windows 7, 8 and 10, both 32 and 64-bit versions.

Video Clip QuickTool is perfect for the average user who needs just the most basic editing tools for their videos recorded with a mobile phone.

Let’s say you have filmed for a minute but only 5 seconds of your video are interesting – you can cut the unnecessary parts in a couple of minutes and show the video to your friends or even make it viral!
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