TagScanner 6.1.17

4.75 from 4 Reviews

TagScanner is a tool which will make your media collection look neat and organized by editing tags, renaming files using tag information and, the other way around, generating tag information from filenames.

If you want to have a well-organized music collection and you want your file names and tag information to reflect your media contents precisely, manual editing will take ages.

Fortunately, with an application like TagScanner, your work becomes a lot easier.

The first good thing you will notice about this application will be its user-friendly interface.

Start by adding a music folder to the list using either the file browser or the “drag and drop” method.

Along the way, you will discover many useful features: renaming files using tag information; multiple files tag editing; importing tag information from online databases; obtaining tag information from files and folder names; easy word replacement and case conversion from tags and filenames; support for embedded lyrics and cover art, converting between various tag versions and many others.

The most important audio formats supported by TagScanner are MP3, OGG, APE, FLAC, AAC, SPX, WP, WMA, MP4 and several others.

Playlists can be exported to HTML, Excel and CSV (for MySQL).
Results can be easily previewed in TagScanner, and you are encouraged to use convenient tools such as a tag editor, a batch tag processor and a list maker. Whenever you want to cancel a change, press the “Undo” button. Other features you can activate are automatic checkup for updates, custom genres and templates and proxy settings configuration.

TagScanner is an excellent solution if you want to organize your music collection with a focus on tag information and file names. It saves a lot of time and effort and you will find your music files more easily from now on.

Changes to TagScanner 6.1.17:

- New: Unlock all fields button now can toggle state of all fields
- Improved grouping and sorting of files with mix of local and ansi chars
- Improved multiline fields editing in advanced editor
- Improved protection against malformed OGG files
- Fixed: Access violation error after remove fields in advanced editor

Full list of changes.
Reviews & Comments
TagScanner 5.0.516
on 05 January 2008
I love it, works great!!
TagScanner 5.0 build 514
Rev. Jim
on 29 July 2007
This is the one. Go pay your bucks for a store bought version, sure, but why bother. It's all right here. I have a massive mp3 collection and this is exactly what I have been needing. Works like a charm, and never had a problem of any kind. Many thanx go to Sergey Serkov , the creator of this fine program. So don't bother buying, send a couple bucks to Sergey instead.
TagScanner 4.9 build 492
Jucius Maximus
on 19 January 2005
It's a smart app, but it does not recognise id3v2 tags on files exported from iTunes 4.60.