SupRip is a compact application which enables you to handle the SUP format used by HD-DVD and Blu-ray movies.
What this application does is detecting this type of subtitle by using the OCR technology, extracting it from the movie, and saving it to the SRT format.

After obtaining SRT subtitles with the help of SupRip, you can use them with converted movies.

SUP subtitles use low endian numbers and are made from several sections; each section defines one subtitle to display. Read more about Sup format here.

Here is how SupRip can be used: first demux the SUP file from the M2TS folder. Start SupRip and load the SUP file using the “Load” button. Next you can use the “Auto-OCR” option to perform an automated scan of the entire file; any unknown characters will be ignored.

Another option is checking “Automatically continue” and pressing “OCR”, so you are prompted when unknown characters are detected. Eventually, go to the SRT tab, and save the SRT file using the “Save” button. Before saving you can review and correct the subtitle if necessary.

The old-fashioned interface should not prevent you from using this program. Options can be easily accessed and you will also enjoy an important advantage by downloading SupRip to your computer: the application is portable. This means you don’t have to install it to your computer and that your Windows registry won’t be updated with new entries.

The last version of SupRip, 1.16, was launched in 2009 and was improved with better support for languages with diacritical signs (accents under or above the letter), such as Romanian.

SupRip is recommended to anyone who needs to extract a subtitle in a widely-supported format from a HD-DVD or Blu-ray. Use this powerful tool and you will obtain SRT subtitles that can be used with any movie.
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