Subtitle Processor is a powerful tool enabling you to edit, repair, and translate subtitles.
The most popular movie formats, including DVD, are supported, and you can easily synchronize subtitles with videos.

The application is portable, which means you don’t have to install it and have your Windows registry modified.

Subtitle Processor can even be stored on a memory device, from where you can run it whenever you need to tweak your subtitles.

The application is suitable for all categories of users due to its intuitive interface. The drag and drop functionality is supported and you have easy access to crucial subtitle information, such as the number of lines or the start and the end frame of a line.

Both the frame and the time modes are supported, and some of the features you can enjoy with Subtitle Processor are: reformatting subtitles to fit screen size, merging and splitting, changing the speed, applying transition effects, correcting OCR errors, correcting ending timestamps, synchronizing subtitles with variable time errors, and multiple subtitle formats.

Subtitle creation is particularly easy with this application as Subtitle Processor is equipped with advanced movie player functions: seeking options allowing you to locate frames precisely, bookmarking, switching audio streams when playing multi-language movies, and advanced picture controls.

Other features making your experience with Subtitle Processor more comfortable are a built-in translator, customizable keyboard and mouse shortcuts, and information export to HTML format. The application uses a reasonable amount of system resources and it works error-free.

By downloading Subtitle Processor to your computer and giving it a quick try, you will enjoy much easier subtitle editing and translation and you’ll obtain the perfect subtitle for all your favorite movies.
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