StaxRip 2.14

Updated: 12 Mar 2023

4.75 from 8 Reviews

What StaxRip does is converting DVDs, DVB and DV captures to the x264, XviD and DivX video formats.
StaxRip is a portable application, which means you don’t have to install it to your computer.

Instead, you just need to download it to your local disc or any portable device and run it whenever it is necessary.

This prevents system changes, losing settings if you re-install Windows and wasting time with the installation process.

StaxRip is very flexible, as it can be customized, and if you have difficulties using it, you can rely on the support provided by developers: online help, support forum and context sensitive help.

The video formats supported by StaxRip are DivX, XviD, x264, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4; the audio formats you can work with are MP3, AC3, MP2, MPA, AAC, DTS and WAV. All these streams can be found in the following container formats: AVI, MP4, MPG, MKV and DIVX.

StaxRip is powered by AVISynth and thus it ensures great video quality and support for the most popular source formats.

StaxRip eases your work and saves time due to its batch conversion capabilities. For instance, you can select as input a single file, multiple files or multiple directories. Additionally, you can merge multiple files into a single item.

Next you need to choose the destination and you can apply various filters (quality, noise, resize, crop etc.) Other actions you can perform are processing subtitles, deleting the temporary files directory and running a compressibility check.

Although StaxRip’s interface is not extremely intuitive, once you get used to the application, you will be satisfied by its performance: it needs a small amount of system resources, it offers optimal default values and it works with the most common file formats.
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4.75 from 8 Reviews


StaxRip 1.1.9
on 21 July 2013 , reviewed by:

This is an excellent piece of conversion software. I wanted to do a simple thing of converting the (6Gig) .avi ...


StaxRip 1.1.6 final
on 16 July 2010 , reviewed by:

the best of the best......

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