SPlayer 4.9.4

3.75 from 16 Reviews

SPlayer is one of the most appreciated media players supporting common file formats, such as AVI, WMV, MKV, MP3, 3GP, OGG or VOB.

But what makes this application different from others?

The most important features of SPlayer that help it stand out from the crowd are the HD support, being friendly with system resources, having a beautiful and stylish interface and offering its users a variety of smart features.

In order to offer a complete HD experience, SPlayer has been equipped with tools such as the ShaderEngineTM image enhancement engine (it reduces screen noise and it ensures a sharp picture), with SmartAmplifyTM Intelligent sound field balance technology and with LiveColorTM color enhancement algorithms (it makes colors brighter).

Other features are aimed at lowering the amount of necessary system resources: FastMotionTM, which reduces CPU and memory footprint; EyeCareTM, which lowers the negative impact of watching your computer’s screen for a long time, and PowerTravelTM, which allows you to reduce energy consumption and enables your notebook to function for a longer time.

Other systems added to SPlayer are Anti-SillyTM, which refers to hands-free configuration as the application selects the best mode depending on your hardware capabilities, and CloudMatchingTM, an intelligent display subtitles technology.

Some of the controls you can easily have access to by using SPlayer’s intuitive interface are switching to full-screen mode, importing multimedia using the drag and drop method or the file browser, loop mode, quality/performance mode and many others.

Although it has not been developed anymore for a few years, SPlayer can still be useful to a wide category of users and it cannot be considered really outdated. Many users are still faithful to SPlayer even if a new version has not appeared yet.
Reviews & Comments
SPlayer 4.0.13 beta
on 30 January 2019
Good news...Splayer reborn from the ashes...i will accompany.
SPlayer 3.7.2437
on 18 May 2012
Good Player But bearly one year without a new Version.

Somebody know something about this Project?
SPlayer 3.7.2055
on 03 May 2011
This is from my previous post (07 October 2010)

I like it all the way. But, I miss very badly the subtitle download feature (i.e. download subtitle in video file directory) which was available in V.3.5 but not available in v.3.6. Please add that feature.

I still love the player all the way. But, the feature I requested to add is not working properly. I mean "Save the same directory with the media file" is still not working in v.3.7.2055. Though it is present under the subtitle tab, it is not working at all. I selected the radio button before it and it's goes off when I press OK. Please short-out the problem.