SmartRipper 2.41

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SmartRipper allows you to extract DVD VOB files; this kind of application is generally known as a DVD ripper.

It can be used to rip DVD movies and to create backups of data disks.

This kind of program is needed when you want to backup copy-protected discs.

With SmartRipper you will enjoy a variety of features such as angle processing, per-chapter splitting of VOB files, and displaying statistics (size, length, maximum/minimum/average bitrate for every chapter and active selection).

SmartRipper’s features are organized in three areas: “Movie”, “Files” and “Back-up”.

There is also a distinct section where you can configure the VOB file access, the file splitting options, the key-check method and the maximum file size.

SmartRipper has not been developed anymore in the past years and its interface is not extremely intuitive, but it can still be useful to some users as long as it does its job.
Reviews & Comments
SmartRipper 2.41
Astro Boy vob
on 07 December 2014
It outputs vob files to computer speedy and with time set by chapters :)
SmartRipper 2.41
on 26 April 2011
usefull tool, free, easy to use ^:)^