Simple Video Editor

Simple Video Editor is a free video editor that acts as an easy to use frontend for ffmpeg.
Features of Simple Video Editor :

- Trim start/end
- Crop (manual and automatic)
- Rotate
- Reduce resolution
- Convert file type
- Modify volume
- Delete duplicate frames
- Change playback speed
- Reduce framerate
- Color key
- Detect and remove duplicate content from multiple videos
- Create videos from collections of images
- Generate command line arguments for use in other ffmpeg scripts

Changes in Simple Video Editor :

- Pressing the button to add subtitles will now refocus the textbox and select the new line
- Clicking on the end time in the subtitle textbox will cause the seek preview to go to the end time
- Improved cache all speed by ~15%
- Decreased automatic cache all requirements by ~15% to take advantage of speedup
- Improved cache all speed up to 4.5x -Improvement- Altered how cache all works to reduce chances of lagging the main interface
- Altered how scene frames are grabbed to reduce chances of lagging the main interface
- Increased minimum automatic cache all requirements to 50MB and 5 minutes from 23MB and 17 seconds to take advantage of new caching that is less bottlenecked by thread dispatching overhead
- Fixed being unable to type subtitles when using spaces
- Fixed seek keys not working in the subtitle form if the caret was at the end of the time line
- Fixed seeking sometimes getting stuck when trying to adjust seek bar start and end that are the same value
- Fixed an application crash that could occur when editing subtitles while a video is still being loaded
- Fixed application failing to close when using the main forms close button if the subtitle form was still open
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