Simple Video Editor

Simple Video Editor is a free video editor that acts as an easy to use frontend for ffmpeg.

Features of Simple Video Editor :

- Trim start/end
- Crop (manual and automatic)
- Rotate
- Reduce resolution
- Convert file type
- Modify volume
- Delete duplicate frames
- Change playback speed
- Reduce framerate
- Color key
- Detect and remove duplicate content from multiple videos
- Create videos from collections of images
- Generate command line arguments for use in other ffmpeg scripts

Changes in Simple Video Editor :

- Updated to ffmpeg 6.0 to fix issues with artifacts appearing during gif conversion
- Improved compatibility with ffmpeg 6.1 metadata dump text changes
- Improved crop rectangle rendering to not excessively cover pixels on low resolution videos
- Added automatic swapping to nearest neighbor scaling when resizing the form such that the image needs to be scaled up
- More clear crop tooltip to indicate number meaning and order
- Added M4A, OGG, FLAC, WAV, and WMA to audio export dropdown menu for better discoverability
- Moved stream info on hover into its own popup form accessed via right clicking the resolution status label
- Crop rectangle now uses dotted lines to ensure some visibility to pixels being included
- Added manual entry for crop rectangle in crop status bar right click menu
- Fixed loading sometimes losing up to 4 frames off the end of a video if it did not load correctly due to automatic movement of the trim slider * Fixed preview frames sometimes displaying the wrong image
- Fixed sometimes not loading the last frame of a video
- Fixed crop rendering being off by 2 video pixels
- Fixed crop collision detection being off by 1 video pixel
- Fixed opening a new video file by double clicking in the windows explorer popup leading to accidental cropping if the mouse was over the preview
- Fixed an error that could be thrown when clicking frame previews without having a video loaded
- Fixed auto crop potentially contracting when trying to expand, and vice versa
- Fixed potential error when loading scene frames from an existing text file backup
- Fixed right clicking on the rotate button causing it to rotate in addition to opening the context menu
- Fixed importing crop rectangle via load from clipboard shrinking the crop by 1 pixel width and height
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