SharpCut is a user-friendly video editing tool designed for quick scene cuts without re-encoding.

Unlike other tools, it boasts superior timeline scrubbing performance, especially for large video files. This makes it a powerful alternative to LosslessCut, focusing on efficiency and ease of use.

SharpCut supports MPEG-4 (.mp4) formats natively, and is available for Windows x64. Plus, it's open-source and free to download.

Key Features of SharpCut 1.4.7:

- Efficient timeline scrubbing.
- Direct scene cutting without re-encoding.
- Support for various video containers.

Download SharpCut and experience the fast, free, and user-friendly video editing with SharpCut today.

Changes to SharpCut 1.4.7:

- New Feature: The "Preview Browser" in the MediaHelper plugin now shows the current timeline position.
- Misc: Updated FFmpeg to version 2024-05-08-git-e8e84dc325.
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