Screenshot Captor 4.43 beta

Screenshot Captor is a must-have tool for anyone working with screen captures and needing multiple editing options.

Manipulating and annotating screenshots with this tool is incredibly easy, and daily use of Screenshot Captor makes a significant change to your workflow.

After a very simple installation process, you may feel overwhelmed with the app’s complex interface.

This happens because the software includes a very wide range of tools, but you can get the hang of it faster by consulting user instructions.

No more cropping images with Screenshot Captor, since this comprehensive app lets you capture the entire screen, the current screen, selected regions, or the active window. The last capture size and position can be repeated without making the setting again in order to save time.

A good capturing app should provide a large number of editing tools, and Screenshot Captor doesn’t run short of post-capture options. You can add effects and shadows, include text in your capture, create borders, or share the image over the Internet (by email or through image hosting services).

The latest versions of Screenshot Captor include new features like taking snapshots from webcams, recording video, post-capture action dialog, scanner image correction, a scrolling capture tool, text removal, and many others.

Screenshot Captor also takes care of details like maintaining partial transparency effects (in Windows 7 for instance), autonaming files in a smart way, and creating thumbnails and watermarkers.

Easiness of use is central for Screenshot Captor – the app can be interfaced with other programs, users enjoy drag and drop support, and smart autonaming of files is also available.

This free app takes screen capturing to a whole new level and represents a real helping hand for people who work remotely or in an office. Screenshot Captor has almost anything you can ask from a program of its kind – you just need to explore its large number of advanced features.
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