Satsuki Decoder Pack 5.4.2

4.11 from 19 Reviews

Satsuki Decoder Pack ensures 100% compatibility of your player with almost all media formats.

This collection of auto-installable filters and decoders will allow you to view almost any file format you can think of, while avoiding conflicts.

When installing Satsuki Decoder Pack to your computer, you get the following components:
the Media Player Classic Home Cinema video player; Realmedia and multiformats decoders, a variety of many other decoders (MPEG2, DVD, VP3, VP6, VP7, AC3/DTS, AAC.AAC+, MPC, APE, OFER, Flac, TTA, AVI, MP4 and OGM.

Such decoders are FFdshow, Realmediasplitter, VSFilter, Haali and Gabest AVI Splitter.

Codecs are easy to use once you install them simply because there is nothing you usually need to do after deploying their components to your computer.

When it comes to Satsuki Decoder Pack, you have three different installation options.

The simplest one is the one-click install, which doesn’t ask you anything but to press the left mouse button once.

There are two other options, for advanced users, who want to customize the codec pack, choose certain components or configure video settings.

Satsuki Decoder Pack allows you to configure the decoder pack’s filter using the configuration panel and perform actions such as enabling and disabling filters; configuring filters, backing up settings, and associating certain files with media players of your choice.

Satsuki Decoder Pack has an efficient updater which will provide you all the time with the latest versions of decoders and filters. Thus you will be sure your media players will render any file format you throw at them.

Satsuki Decoder Pack is definitely a good choice for anyone who wants to play music and videos hassle free; you can choose a simple, one step installation process, or customize your experience using advanced features.

Changes to Satsuki Decoder Pack 5.4:

- MPC-HC version 1.8.6
- LAVFilters version 0.74.1

Reviews & Comments
Satsuki Decoder Pack 5.4.2
on 21 June 2020
El mejor pack de codecs para Windows.

Lo he usado durante años y funciona muy bien. Lo he probado en Windows Vista, 7 y 10.
Satsuki Decoder Pack
Steve Kim
on 13 July 2011
Good codec pack, however I could not five a good point as ffdshow and MPC-HC is not updated as of this codec pack updated.

I would prefer to install ffdshow new version and MPC-HC most updated one by myself.

It's good codec pack most people need, but nothing but only ffdshow and MPC-HC and a few codecs included.
Satsuki Decoder Pack
on 06 December 2008
I found this incidentally years ago and it's allowed me to play almost every video I've encountered since... and I really like using the player it comes with, as well!