Sanear Audio Renderer 0.3

Sanear Audio Renderer is an open-source DirectShow audio renderer. With WASAPI support and more.
Read Understanding the Roles of Decoders and Renderers and download a similar audio renderer: MPC Audio Renderer.

Changes to Sanear Audio Renderer 0.3:

- Bugfixing release
- Improves status page compatibility with certain players
+ Sanear Audio Renderer 0.1:
- Outputs sound through WASAPI (shared or exclusive)
- Employs automatic channel downmixing (as per standard)
- Provides stereo crossfeed processing option (for headphones)
- Tries to preserve signal pitch when playing at custom rate (time stretching)
- Uses audio device clock as clock source
- Comes in 32-bit and 64-bit versions
- Supports bitstreaming
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