Realtek AC97 ALC650 Audio Codecs 4.06

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Realtek AC97 ALC650 Audio Codecs is a driver which needs to be installed on your computer and offering support for the following applications: multimedia PCs, information appliances, 3D PC games, voice recognition and audio conferencing.

An 18-bit, full duplex AC’97 2.2 compatible stereo audio, this codec is used in multimedia systems, including host/soft audio and AMR/CNR based designs.

It allows your computer to achieve a higher SNR, which exceeds 90dB and it offers support for various codec extensions with built-in 3D effects.

The features of Realtek AC97 ALC650 Audio Codecs compile a long list, but the most important are the 18-bit ADC and 20-bit DAC resolution, the 18-bit stereo full-duplex CODEC with independent and variable sampling rate, the 6 channel slot selectable DAC output for multi-channel applications, the mono output with 5-bit volume control and the stereo output with 5-bit volume control.

Furthermore, Realtek AC97 ALC650 Audio Codecs comes with power management capabilities, 3D stereo enhancement, digital S/PDIF input and output and it does not require an external crystal or clock.

It is recommended to use the latest version of driver for perfect performance and because this software tool is being constantly improved.

The latest releases have had their Realtek 3D engine updated.

Realtek AC97 ALC650 Audio Codecs provides you with excellent sound, due to its two pairs of stereo outputs with independent volume controls, to its mono output, and to the multiple stereo and mono inputs, to which flexible mixing, gain and mute functions have been added.

The technical specifications of this software tool are extremely complex, but what you need to know above all is that it will get the most out of your multimedia system.

You just need to deploy it on your computer for a hassle free playback every time.

Reviews & Comments
Realtek AC97 ALC650 Audio Codecs 4.06
on 03 October 2010
I've been using Realtek for years, and up until now I'm completely satisfied with the quality of sound AC97 Realtek gives. With this Audio Codec, the quality and performance was enhanced even better. A must have for those who enjoy music on their PC like me.
Realtek AC97 ALC650 Audio Codecs 4.06
Pissed in Sweden
on 30 August 2010
I do not profess to be the best in English but the term Free Download would T think indicate no cost for the download. I have "Advance AC97 Audio" that requires updating to get the best effect from Skype. The best price for getting updated is to throw away the sound card I bought and avoid like a disease anything with the name Realtek on it. They have screwed me once but they will never get another shot at myself or any others in our national retired persons group. How quickly information can spread.
Realtek AC97 ALC650 Audio Codecs 4.03
on 01 January 2008
I looked and saw that you were a free download for Realtek. After it downloaded it came up with a registry form saying that it was not a free download. I clicked on the free download etc and this is the result. Please advise if you really do have a free download as mine just simply disappeared one day and I'm trying to get it back.